DSRM Cable Construction

Accurate and reliable information from the field ensures an efficient and working design. This is what is taught and passed on to all field engineers and design personnel at DSRM. Our field engineers are fully capable and have the experience to provide all the necessary information to get the job done the first time. All engineers are crossed trained in construction practices; this is vital when you need an answer to a tough question in the field. We are proficient in strand mapping, make-ready engineering and identifying cost effective fiber routes for your Headend and HUB interconnect. Whether it is complicated permit plans or a routine as-built, DSRM has the quality personnel to fit your needs.


  • Field Walkout
  • System As-Built
  • Strand Mapping
  • MDU As-Built and Proposed New Design
  • Make-Ready Engineering
  • Pole Attachment Surveys
  • Wind Loading (Horizontal and Vertical) for Power and All Communications
  • Complete Utility Applications (All forms; typed) and Submittal
  • Utility Research for Pole Application Data


  • Permits
  • State Transportation
  • City and County
  • Traffic Control
  • Sub-Structure Plans & Research
  • Railroad
  • National Forestry
  • Conduit Verification
  • Address Verification
  • Training Courses
  • Safety Courses
  • System Evaluation and Consulting

For more information regarding these services, please contact Field Engineering at 909.629.1958.








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